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Solutions for your online event needs

event software

Modern event software is essential to efficiently running a trade show. Yet many businesses that are either unaware of its existence or intimidated by the learning process still rely on manual vendor registration, which can be incredibly time-consuming.

Not only will we provide you with industry-leading event software Wendigo Floorplan, we’ll also guide you through the learning process to ensure that you have a full understanding of all it has to offer.

What’s Included:

- Live Interactive Map Edits

- Exhibitor List/Information Management and Formatting

- Booth Sales & Order Management

- Sales & Page Traffic Reports

- Mobile App Setup

- And More!

event support

Managing an event means answering a lot of questions, which means receiving a lot of phone calls and emails. All of this correspondence can quickly become overwhelming, especially for small business that don’t have the time or money to hire and train a large support staff.

For a much lower cost, our team of industry experts will manage all exhibitor and attendee support for your event, including phone calls, emails, and online chats.

What’s Included:

- U.S. Based Support

- Live Client & Exhibitor Support: 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. in Eastern, Central, Mountain and
  Pacific Time Zones Monday to Friday

- Weekend Support during Event Dates

- Dedicated Support Line, Email and Chat for Clients, Exhibitors, & Attendees

- Event Software Administration

branding & Marketing

At some point, all business owners must ask themselves, “Who are we, and what sets us apart?” Creating an effective brand image is one of the most challenging aspects of shaping a business, and without an outside perspective it can be difficult to find the right look, feel, and tone for marketing content.

We’ll help your business cultivate a unified identity by providing graphic design services and an in-depth marketing strategy.

Competitive Audit: We’ll review your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to help you excel within your market.

Brand Strategy: We’ll help you define your brand by identifying the unique characteristics of your business that will attract your target audience.

Logo Design & Identity: We'll collaborate with you to find the visual definition of your business through multiple sketches and iterations.

Messaging: Language defines a brand just as much as visual identity. We work with professional copywriters to give you an authentic voice.

Marketing Materials: Public perception is important. We’ll provide branded, high-quality digital assets for your social media, digital, and physical advertising.

SEO Services: Every website we build is SEO-friendly, and we work with experts to ensure your target audience finds you.

web design

The internet is the first place most people go when they have a business need. A website is an essential sales tool and to be effective it must be informative and easy to use.
We’ll help you elevate your online presence by building a custom site for you from the ground up or by optimizing your current site’s design and performance.

Design & Development: Our experienced web development team will help you connect with your customers by conceptualizing, designing, and developing a results-driven website for your business.

Management: We'll help you keep your site running smoothly by providing ongoing maintenance and updates

Sales Automation: We will optimize your online sales by monitoring your website's user data and continuously improving its performance.

Mobile Optimization: Over 70% of all web traffic takes place on phones or tablets, so we ensure our websites are fully responsive on all devices.