6 Key Benefits of Wendigo Floorplan Event Management Software

If you’re still using manual registration for your trade show, you’re missing out on the many important benefits of event management software.

September 27, 2019
Robert O'Sullivan

Our Wendigo Floorplan software simplifies and automates event management, saving you time and money. Below, we'll walk you through the 6 key benefits of our event management software:

1. Simplified Exhibitor Registration

With manual registration, signing up exhibitors for your event can be a tedious, time-consuming process.

It might look something like this:

  1. A prospective exhibitor contacts you to reserve a booth at your event
  2. You take down their information and send them the floor plan for your event
  3. The exhibitor picks out a booth
  4. You send them an invoice for the booth and wait for them to pay
  5. The exhibitor pays the invoice
  6. You manually update your floor plan with the exhibitor’s information

Our Wendigo Floorplan software automates this process and cuts out the needless back-and-forth between you and exhibitors, making the process easier for everyone involved.

Here’s the registration process with Wendigo Floorplan:

  1. A prospective exhibitor contacts you to reserve a booth at your event
  2. You send them an event registration link
  3. The exhibitor provides their information, picks out a booth, and pays online

And that’s it!

2. Automatic Map Updates

One of the most important features of Wendigo Floorplan is the interactive map editor.

If you’re still using non-interactive maps, such as PDFs, you’re probably spending a lot of time manually updating your event maps with exhibitor details. This can be particularly problematic if you’re managing a large event.

Every time a new exhibitor signs up, you have to add their information to your map, resend the updated map to all current exhibitors, and add the updated map to your website. More often than not, some exhibitors will want to change their registration, meaning more manual updates and more hassle.

With Wendigo Floorplan, all you have to do is send the exhibitor your registration link and they do the rest! Your interactive event map will automatically update when any changes are made, removing the need for tedious manual updates that distract you from making your event a success.

3. Self-Service for Exhibitor Profiles

Not only does Wendigo Floorplan allow exhibitors to easily select booths and pay online, it also allows them to update and manage their own profiles. An exhibitor profile typically consists of a company bio, a list of booth representatives, an overview of products & services, and relevant contact information.

Without event management software, it’s your responsibility to ask each exhibitor for all of this information and use it to create a profile. With our intuitive software, exhibitors can quickly and easily create their own profiles online, saving everyone time.

4. All-in-One Source for Event Information

With traditional event management methods, the amount of documentation and the organization and storage of this documentation can quickly become overwhelming. Because of the inherent limitations of non-interactive record-keeping, things tend to get spread out, making it more difficult to sort through and keep up with event and exhibitor details. It also limits the amount of information that can be included directly in event maps.

With Wendigo Floorplan, everything is kept in one place. Registration, maps, exhibitor profiles, and event details are all included within the same easy-to-use interface, meaning less confusion and less wasted time for everyone involved.

5. Less Waiting Time

As the previous four sections have shown, the main underlying benefit of Wendigo Floorplan is simple: it helps save you and exhibitors time. 

With our software, you can use the time that you would have otherwise wasted on tedious administrative tasks to better organize and market your event, making it more rewarding for you and your exhibitors.

Also, keep in mind that saving time means saving money, and effectively managing event funds is crucial to running a successful trade show.

6. Training and Support Services

In order to ensure that you take full advantage of all the benefits of our Wendigo Floorplan software, we offer comprehensive training and support services with every purchase. Our training includes live video walkthroughs of the software with a member of our team as well as ancillary written guides.

After we’ve completed the training process, we’ll still be there if you need help, offering live support during all business hours. Just give us a call and one of our software experts will assist you with whatever issue you’re having.

Wendigo Floorplan Makes Event Management Easier

If you’re not using interactive event management software, you’re probably spending far too much time registering exhibitors, making manual map edits, creating exhibitor profiles, and just waiting around in general. 

Our software simplifies and automates event management, saving you time and money and allowing you to focus on improving your trade show.

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