Frequently Asked Questions

Here's what you need to know about Wendigo's exhibitor booth sales software and remote services, based on the questions we've been asked the most.

Wendigo Floorplan Software

Getting started

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How long does it take for you to create my online floor plan?
We have a 5-business day production guarantee that starts when we receive your show information, floor plan file, and payment. Once your online floor plan has been created, a Solutions Manager will train you/your team and help you complete the set-up process at your convenience.
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What file format is best for sending you my booth layout?
Vector files (.pdf, .ai, dwg) work best, but we can work with almost any file type. We also have graphic designers on staff that can work with you or your venue to create your floor plan layout from scratch.
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Is Wendigo Floorplan difficult to use?
If you use email, Microsoft Office, and can navigate popular websites, you can learn our software. Most of our clients master the Admin in days or weeks.
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Can I use the system online, or do I need to download something?
Wendigo Floorplan is a web-based application, so you won’t have to download anything at all. You can login from any standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari) to manage the floor plan, orders, and exhibitor information.

Features & Pricing

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How does your pricing work?
We charge per-event. There are no hidden fees for processing payments or support. We charge small fees for redrawing floor plan files and adding additional rooms/floors, but most edits are free of charge.
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Can we up-sell the expanded exhibitor profiles to our exhibitors?
Yes! Exhibitor Plus was built to help you generate more revenue by charging your exhibitors for a better online booth profile. It’s also handy for exhibitors that want to manage their profiles themselves, which takes work off your plate.
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Do you charge for newly added features?
No. We do keep updates bundled with individual tiers, but as we make updates to the existing tiers (such as exhibitor plus or registration), the cost does not go up if you've already paid.
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Is it possible to upgrade to a different tier while my show is active?
You can add additional tiers like exhibitor plus or registration to an existing show at any time by paying the upgrade fee.
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How do I pay for the software, and when is the payment due?
We accept both online payments and checks, and payment is due prior to Wendigo starting the production process.
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How do exhibitors pay for booths and services through the system?
Our system is integrated with all the most common payment gateways (PayPal,, QuickBooks, Stripe, and many more). When your exhibitors get to the end of the registration process, they’ll be able to pay online, pay by check, or simply submit their order for approval depending on how you want to set up your payment structure.

Devices & Outages

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Does your software work on all devices?
Everything outside of the booth layout editor works on all modern devices and browsers. The editor was originally created using Flash technology. Flash is extremely outdated, and will no longer be supported by browsers in 2021, so we’re completing a new editor by that deadline.
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Does the system experience much downtime?
We use one of the leading hosting providers, and our yearly uptime is 99.8%.

Training & Support

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What kind of training options are available?
We have Solutions Managers that specialize in operating the system that will train you and anyone on your team. We can also send training documentation, or even make custom videos for your unique setup.
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How to I contact you to make a support request?
You’ll have a direct email of the office AND cell number of your dedicated Solutions Manager. You can email at any time and call between 9 AM and 10 PM in any time zone. Additionally, we are available 24 hours per day for emergencies.
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How much one-on-one support can I expect? Is it based in the US?
If you call in or email, you'll only get one-on-one support.  We are dedicated to your show and our product and we don't outsource any of that process to a third party. We are completely based out of the United Sates, specifically Albuquerque, NM and Athens, GA.
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I prefer emails over calls. Is that ok?
Absolutely.  We are a web company and are quite accustomed to helping our clients via email.
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Do you offer exhibitor support?
For an additional fee, yes, we do. If the system has errors, we will work with you to get it working again for your exhibitors, but direct exhibitor support would fall under our Remote Services offerings.