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At Wendigo, we specialize in providing a variety of online services, including trade show support, software administration, graphic design, and online content management.

In today’s market, working with digital technology is a crucial aspect of running a successful business. But for some business owners, managing online resources can be an overwhelming, time-consuming process that gets in the way of day-to-day operations.

Our team of industry experts is dedicated to helping businesses cut through the clutter, giving them the time they need to focus on what’s important.
Wendigo was formed in 2018 by two Athens, GA locals, Aaron Campbell and Morgan Decker.

Aaron, having worked in event-related sales for years, recognized the lackluster support and archaic marketing services offered by many industry leaders and was inspired to create a company that would fill the gaps, lending committed support at every step of the way.

To help bring his vision to life, Aaron recruited Morgan, a freelance web designer with years of experience heading projects for local businesses. Together, Aaron and Morgan created a business plan and used their combined talents to make it a reality.

Today, Wendigo is based in Athens, GA and consists of seven team members.

meet the team

Aaron Campbell

Co-Founder / Solutions Manager

Morgan Decker

Co-Founder / Web & Graphic Designer

Brianna Gardocki

Graphic Designer

Rachel Peters

Advertising Intern

Robert O'Sullivan


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